Browning Adrenaline Compound Bow Review

browning-adrenalinIf you are a small framed archer and you need a bow that does not sacrifice power, as well as versatility, then this bow is for you. It is considered to be a very good product for women or short-stature persons, as well as all young archery enthusiasts. It is a compact package and is absolutely designed for professional use. Available for both right and left handed people, it is priced around $359, which is certainly a bargain for what it is worth.


  • Brace Height: 6-1/4”
  • Axle-to-Axle: 30-1/2”
  • IBO Speed: 259-251 fps
  • Let-Off: 70% Actual
  • Mass Weight: 3.6 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 18”-27” Range
  • Draw Weight: 40 and 50 lbs


Browning’s Adrenaline -ready to shoot compound bow is all set and ready to go for use. It is an excellent choice for beginners and short-stature people, as its brace height is 6-14” and is 3—1/2” long, Axle to Axle. It is also very lightweight, as it weighs just about 3.6 lbs. This bow is very easy to install and has very well-documented instructions for new Archers.

Like every Browning’s bow, this product comes with its Hpyerlite Unibody Pockets, which are already adjusted at their bottomed position. This means that you cannot adjust the weight of the bow, since the bow is factory adjusted to its maximum weight capacity. The Browning Archery Trance TM Cam features:

  1. Patented inner cam system which allows draw length adjustments to be made in 1” increments.
  2. Let-off to be set at either 65% or 80% without putting the bow in a bow press.
  3. The Discovery TM Cam design ramps up to the bow’s peak draw weight and hold a constant draw weight up to 30 inches.
  4. Its special asymmetric idler wheel is designed for producing best performance for both left handed and right handed bows.

Its performance for its size is admirable, as it can produce arrow speed of up to 273 fps. It comes in a beautiful Mossy Oak® Break-Up® color and the package comes with three-pin optical sight, which is easy to mount and adjust. It also includes two-piece four-arrow quiver, Whisker Biscuit® QS arrowrest, wheel peep sight, and three composite arrows. Browning Archery sights (excluding sight pins), bow quivers (excluding hood liner), and arrowrests carry a 100% warranty for five years to the original owner.

Buying a Browning Adrenaline compound bow?

In a nutshell, this bow is a great product for new archers and a person with short stature. It is easy to assemble, lightweight and is ready to play with, as it is factory adjusted. This bow is not as adjustable as other compound bows, but its factory adjustments are meant for best performance.

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