How to Buy Your First Compound Bow

target250When you take on a new sport, you also find in yourself a new fangled excitement. This excitement is what fuels your passion and more often than not takes you to the peak of your chosen field. However, there are times, when passion tends to over-ride reason and that it what one must be careful of. Take for example the field of archery.

A relatively new archer will want to shoot all day and use bows that he sees the masters using. While this is great in terms of achieving your dreams, it does not work out practically. If you are a novice in archery then chances are that you have been using a recurve bow. These are good and are also the only ones allowed in the Olympics right now. However, depending on your purpose, there are a variety of bows you can choose from. If you are to choose a compound bow, then there are certain aspects you will have to keep in mind.

Simple Tips to a Great Bow

What’s the hurry?

Buying your first compound bow is no small affair. Take your time, survey the market and see what is on offer. Talk to experts from various archery clubs and get their opinions of the type of compound bow that will best suit you. Join a club and take a few lessons. Try out a variety of bows under supervision and base your decision on what you feel comfortable with.

The left and right of things:

It is an assumption that if you are right handed you will need a right hand bow and vice versa. Well! The thought is false. Get assessed by your coach and let him determine the kind of bow you will require. Some right-handers will need a left-handed bow. Also remember that it is mandatory that you are in good form. Being able to shoot accurately largely depends on how fit you are.

What’s your purpose?

Before you set out to buy your first compound bow, ascertain what you want to use it for. Is it for target practice at a range or will you want to go hunting with it? Once you decide on this, the compound bow has further considerations that you will have to make. Are you comfortable using a release aid or your finger to draw the bow? What is the draw length you can withstand? What is the best arrow rest for you?

Compound bow specifications:

When buying your first compound bow, you choice will also depend on the type of cam that you require on your bow. A cam allows you to draw your bow steadily and release it multiple times without feeling too much of a strain. A soft cam however will have you sacrificing on force whereas an aggressive cam is excellent for hunting. You might also want to look at compound bows with a single cam.

Its advantages are that it does not allow for uneven wearing out as is possible with dual cams. Tuning dual cams can be tedious and this process is eliminated in a single cam. They are also much quieter and can make your first compound bow ideal for hunting.

Performance specifications:

When choosing your first compound bow, there are some specifications you will have to keep in mind in terms of the length and draw weight. The longer your bow, the more accurate your shot will be and this is great for target practice. A shorter bow will be great for hunters. If you are a beginner then choose a bow between 38 to 44 inches.

Once you have all these considerations in place, you are almost ready to buy your first compound bow. The next step is to identify a reliable sports store from where to buy your equipment. You may also want to look into additional accessories that will aid you.

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