Jennings Buckmaster Compound Bow Review

jennings-buckmasterYou cannot go wrong with a Jennings Buckmaster Compound Bow. An ideal set for you to pick up would come with case, sights, around seven arrows, 2-3 practice, around four Easton arrows. Have some $40 tips for them handy. Most users of the Jennings Buckmaster Compound Bow feel that the company and the bow do not get the publicity they deserve. There is nothing in the market that can match up to the standards of accuracy that are laid down by this bow.

The fact that the draw weight of the Jennings Buckmaster Compound Bow lies between 50 to 70 lbs makes it all the more useful to men and women alike. Even a teen and relative newcomer to archery would be comfortable with this model.

Jennings has now merged with Fred Bear and combines the best qualities of both entities. The Jennings Buckmaster Compound Bow is also great on flexibility. You can have a draw length of 32 for a weight of 70 lbs. This gives each of your shots a great punch in terms of strength. Its flexibility can be taken further. Users have constantly changed the sites, rests and arrow, but you will not feel the change on the handling of the bow. One will rarely come across any malfunctions or issues with the Jennings Buckmaster Compound Bow.

Most archers will tell you that the split limb design and the 40” axle to axle with a single perimeter weighted cam results in a very quiet bow. It also provides you with as little handshock as possible. The TruGlo three pin fibre optic sight gives you great visibility even on the first pin. Each progressive pin only enhances the brightness of your object.

Buying a Jennings Buckmaster compound bow?

Thanks to the Jennings Buckmaster Compound Bow being a split limb bow, hunters will be exceptionally pleased with this deer killing weapon. The bow comes in draw lengths of 28” to 30” and with weights of #60, #70. Bows fly of this piece at 310 FPS. Since the strings are in the twisted set-up, they will ensure you a much longer period of action. Such strings enjoy a larger durability than others in the same category. The grip, which is essential to any archer, is great for those who are left handed as well as right handed. It is a double piece checkered laminate wood grip. The look and feel of the Jennings Buckmaster Compound Bow is in running with current tastes and will garner you attention.

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