Jennings Carbon Extreme Compound Bow Review

jennings-archeryWith a fairly low $$$ resale price range, the Jennings Carbon Extreme compound bow is among the great ones to have. In the latest release the Extreme Cam is now in sync with the new Micro-Tune Yolk System. This is made available on the Jennings Carbon Extreme and Carbon Extreme XLR models. Put in simple words, this means that archers can enjoy up to a 65 percent let-off and this is in draw ranges of 25 to 32 inches.

The Jennings Carbon Extreme has an aluminum riser of 40 inches. Users have found that it is very simple to tune this bow – thus getting it up and running during a hunt is easy.

The one possible disadvantage to this bow is the fact that it does not have a grip and could make handling of the bow a tad difficult. You will also have to be careful with the riser and the cam as usage tends to scratch them a bit. The riser is made up of machined aluminum.

The model is pretty light and weighs in at about 4 lbs and 134. This makes it easily portable. In terms of accessories you can choose from Trophy Ridge: Eagle Eye 3-Pin (.29) Sight with LED Light, Golden Key Futura TM Hunter Rest, Trophy Ridge: Black Stabilizer, String Leeches Peep Sight D-Loop. The dual cam that comes with the Jennings Carbon Extreme Compound Bow ensures that your draw and release is done safely and that you don’t impale something.

There are several other factors and features that are combined in the Carbon Extreme compound bow – all you have to do is look hard for the features that you need and select that bow. The fact that the draw weight of the Jennings Carbon Extreme Compound Bow lies between 50 to 70 lbs makes it all the more useful to men and women alike.

Buying a Jennings Carbon Extreme compound bow?

This bow is a good buy for those who value durability and accuracy. The various Jennings technologies come together and work in harmony to reduce the noise and vibration factor on this bow. The Jennings Carbon Extreme bow has also been released lately with a much slimmer body, making it much for easy to haul around. The cams provide for an unprecedented steadiness which is great on the field and as well as hunting. All of these make the Jennings Carbon Extreme compound bow a great buy.

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  • John 'DOE' said:

    In the 90′s I used to shoot IBO competitions. Most of the guys on the circuit knew me as “DOE”. I shot several different bows and most people knew I was CHEAP.

    So while in Grants Sporting goods in Dalton Ga looking and drooling at bows trying to improve my standings among my friends who beat me constantly during competitions. One of those friends picked up a Jennings Carbon Extreme some guy had bought 2 weeks prior and had it all set up for shooting. They turned to me and said “DOE maybe this bow will help you hahahaha”.

    I pulled the bow back and it was so sweet and smooth on the draw, and the kisser button fell right into the corner of my mouth as it should, Peep sight fell onto the bead sights like the best sight picture ever. I turned around asked the price – now remember I am CHEAP, Roger said “Doe you know you’re cheap and no way you would buy it if it was 200 dollars” he said it and I bought it and a dozen arrows, you would have thought I kicked his puppy. Needless to say by the 3rd tournament after buying that bow I started beating my friends in competitions, by the end of the season none of my friends could touch me.

    Finally shot a 298 out of 300 for my first tournament win. That was back in 1991. The guys at Benton shooters supply tell me I should get into the 21 century but they shut up when they look downrange at the 10 ring and see that mass of arrows touching one another – what else can you say, this is one fine bow it has had the cables replaced a couple of times probably had 100,000 arrows shot through it, I used to practice 3 hours a day seven days a week rain or shine hot or cold for 3-4 years so that is a lot of arrows.

    Only time this bow ever failed me was when the cables let go right before a competition but the arrow still ended up in the 10 ring as bow parts flying everywhere. I still have this bow it is setup at 73 pound draw weight 29 inch draw length and 368 grain total weight arrows big old aluminum ones chronographed at 296 feet per second. Is it the best bow there is? Probably not but I would bet my life on this bow in my hands.

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