Martin Bengal Compound Bow Review

Martin Bengal250The Martin Bengal Compound Bow finds itself in the Gold class categorization. For its price tag of approximately $400, the bow is packed with features that make it light, rock-solid, accurate and more importantly quiet. Since speed and accuracy while shooting is imperative, amateurs who have recently taken to archery find that the Martin Bengal’s speeds of 320 fps extremely user-friendly. It is able to achieve these speeds thanks to its completely parallel laminated limbs. As a hunter, the speed and accuracy of the Martin Bengal Compound may help you achieve completely pass-through shots with your target.

Being able to rise up to the occasion is of utmost importance in archery and therefore having a lightweight bow would help. The Bengal comes at a compact, lightweight with 32 ¼ axle to axle bow. Weighing in at 4lbs and 3 oz, this Realtree, right-handed bow is a beauty. Its new addition of an fM2- Pro Single Cam with an optional draw stop goes a long way in improving your efficiency on the field. The design of its lightweight aluminum riser further reduces the weight burden. With a smooth and silent draw, the Martin Bengal Compound is bound to leave you looking forward to the hunting season.

Its capacity to remain silent when on a hunt is all thanks to the STS string dampener, its factory-installed silencing arrow shelf and the dampening system. Working together, these help absorb almost totally all sound, recoil and vibration that may occur. The fact that on release of the arrows you will feel minimal or almost no hand-shock will further assist you on your hunt.

You will never lose grip on the Martin Bengal Compound Bow thanks to the thermal leather V-grip that provides a completely anti-slip hold. The Marti Bengal Compound also comes with a multitude of features aside from those that enhance its performance. The bow also gives you the liberty of putting in the optional STS String dampener as well as the CCS cable containment system. The pivoting Roto-Limb Cup, a slim Torque-Free Grip, and a Carbon Cable Guard Rod with Teflon Slide are all designed and incorporated such to make sure that you get the best out of the product.

Buying a Martin Bengal compound bow?

A note of precaution though. There have been some reports of the parallel limbs occasionally ending up in a twist and thus putting the string off the center of the idler wheel. The string tends to wear out and you might want to be very careful when shooting in such conditions. Also it comes with draw weights of 40-50, 50-60 and 60-70. Some archers feel that it does not go beyond 66 in the final category.

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