Martin Firecat Compound Bow Review

Martin Firecat Compound Bow

Martin Firecat Compound Bow

Being in the industry for more than 50 years, Martin Archery has constantly come up with some world class bows. The Martin Firecat Compound Bow was released in 2008 and judging by the fact that there are plans to re-release it this year, it has does really well.

The Martin Firecat has a let-off of 80 per cent thereby making sure that your shot is as accurate as needed. It is suitable to a number of archers considering that it comes with draw weights of 60lb and 70lb. Release of arrows is at 335 to 345 FPS. The Martin Firecat weighs in at 3.55 lbs making it ideal to carry about.

If you are choosy about the type arrow you use, then the 427 grain arrow can be shot at little over 300 FPS. All Martin Firecat bows have a draw of 30 and 70 lbs you will have one of the meanest shots on hand. You could also try using a 350 grain arrow; however you may not be able to achieve the advertised draw of 60# or 70#.

Before you buy the Martin Firecat bow, test it out at the store – fire it a few times. Chances are you will see the smoothness of the release in the first few shots. It is smooth and quiet, two traits that are absolutely essential when it comes to target practice or being out on a hunting expedition.

On the flip side, there are users who feel that the tuning up of the Firecat compound bow is not so comfortable and is a bit time consuming.

The 2009 release of the Firecat Bow saw a few new additions to the already excellent set-up. In this model you have the Cable Containment System (CCS). This enables you to have both control cables in one offset position. This ensures that you have a much smoother and quieter bow when on the hunt. The vibration too is cut down significantly. There is also an inclusion of hybrid duo cams and laminated limbs, which make the handling of the bow much easier and strain-free.

Buying a Martin Firecat compound bow?

When you go into the market in search of a Martin Firecat compound bow, be sure to check the specs completely. Also factor whether you need a right hand or a left hand model, the draw length you are comfortable with and the peak draw weight you can handle. Once you are sure of these you are bound to have a wonderful bow in your shopping cart.

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