Mathews Switchback Compound Bow Review

mathews-switchback-compound-bowFor years now the name of Mathews has been associated with the creation of bows both for the amateur as well as for the seasoned hunter. The Mathews Switchback compound bow is a name to reckon with in its category and is meant primarily for professional hunters and experienced archers.

The Mathews Switchback comes in a lightweight package of just 4.1 lbs. Professional hunters will consider its let-off a boon which stands at 80 per cent. With an axle to axle of 32” and a draw length of 25-30” as well as draw weight between 40-70 lbs, Mathews Switchback Compound Bow is bow that can easily be used by a variety of archers. In the price range of $800, this bow features high on the list of many archers’ must-haves.

Archers, who have used the Switchback compound bow, will tell you that on first glance, the parallel design of the limbs and the generous brace height is what will catch your attention. The pull back as on any other Mathews bow is smooth and hassle-free. Nock an arrow and shoot it and you will be surprised at how silently the arrow sails away. This silence can be attributed to the new features on the harmonic dampeners. The roller guards come with triple dampeners and each string has a dampner of its own.

Buying a Mathews Switchback compound bow?

Besides the silence, the bow completely lacks vibration, which is a plus point for any bow. You will spend minimal time tuning the Switchback. Users have also found that at a 26” draw, a lighter arrow of 324 to 351 grains will shoot much faster than the specified range. The power that the Mathews bow exudes at 60 lbs draw weight is impressive. The bow is perfectly suited for women who had to earlier grapple with not the right amount of poundage in shorter draw lengths. You will have to keep in mind that you should specify the let-off you desire when you are shopping for your Switchback bow.

Another great advantage to the Mathews Switchback is the Zebra Barracuda string that has big serving area. Its twisted design removes string rotation and you will not need to use tubing with the peep.

The Switchback bow is a stealthy weapon and one that will make any hunter happy. Users have also felt that arrows tend to roughen with usage on other bows, but with the Mathews Switchback Compound Bow, they remain smooth. This is another feather in the cap of the Mathews Company.

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