Reflex Ridgeline Compound Bow Review

reflex ridgelineReflex Ridgeline Compound Bow

Reflex bows are made by Hoyt, serving as a lower-end brand, but both share a lot of the same design. Redesigned in 2007, the Ridgeline was initially offered in 32″ and 34″ inch versions, but the 32″ bow was dropped the following year.

The Ridgeline uses the FX cam, which has been used in Hoyt bows for years. The FX cams can be adjusted for draw length in half-inch increments without using a bow press. The cams are linked by a control cable so they fire at exactly the same time.

Side to side movement is eliminated with the Prolink Pocket System, which is very similar to Hoyt’s Triax. Draw weight can be adjusted between 50 and 70 lbs.

The main difference between the Reflex’s Ridgeline and a similar Hoyt is the use of fiberglass instead of carbon fiber for the limbs. This makes the limbs a bit heaver, a bit less smooth, and a bit less quiet, but also more than a bit less expensive. Most hunters won’t notice enough difference to make up for the $200 or so the carbon bow will cost them over the Ridgeline. This bow is still very light, and its split limb design will last longer than single solid limbs.

Will a Reflex Ridgeline compound bow suit me?

For the majority of hunters, the Reflex Ridgeline gives them what they want in a bow without the high cost of high-end bows. It’s may not have the silence or smoothness of a high-end bow, but it isn’t enough to be disruptive.

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